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I'm trying to understand metasploit and using meterpreter to simply hack into an xp system that hasn't the slightest security with no luck. I've searched the exploit database with no luck. I know this is simply my lack of knowledge of the tool and what it is really doing. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a Metasploit book that goes into detail what it is doing so I can better understand why my exploit is not connecting and failing.

On amazon, there is a Metasploit: The pen tester's guide that has decent reviews, along with The hacker playbook 2, which may not cover what I am needing. Any guidance is appreciated...

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BTW, I have Net+ and Sec+ certs so I don't need anything THAT beginner...

if you have net+ and sec+ plus you probably dont need book.Try to create virtual lab a play with it. win xp with SP2 and metasploitable2 is really good starting point to learn and start with metasploit.

I will give that a shot, thank you Spikey.

Hello fox, I also have security+. I've kinda veered away from metasploit just for the fact that using it makes you believe you're making an exploit, but in reality it's all being done for you. So instead of investing time in metasploit, I started studying c++ and some scripting languages to build my own exploits. You have more control and understanding of something that you personally created.

While writing exploits is a very good skill to have, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. There's no need to write an exploit that Metasploit already has. I'm not trying to discredit exploit building, but let's be reasonable.


So who builds the exploits for Metasploit?

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