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Hello guys,

Well, in a LAN cenário, lets say we do some reccon and we find a host with those normal ports opened like
135 -msrpc
139- netbios
445 - microsoft ds

among others,

is there any new exploits and good articles about this matter?

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An open port doesn't mean a vulnerability, it simply means there is communication with the outside. whether there is a vulnerability or not depends on the service running on it and it's version.


^^ this.

If you want to try some common exploits for that port (as they are well-known for the services they run) you can try some metasploit

Image via

You can see that the flag port: (that's the remote target port) and os: are not in the help, but they are there.

if you are not noob enough like me , then get latest updates from ,
you can search for latest valnus and exploits ,shellcodes from this site ,

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