Forum Thread: Meterpreter Session Not Detected

So i made a meterpreter session, i provided a screenshot of how i did it, then i set up the handler(also in screenshot) then i hit exploit and send it to victim pc. But when i open it on the other pc it doesnt open a connection in fact it just doesnt say anything in my terminal. Look at the screenshot also at the bottom of the terminal it will say connection interupted that is because i accidently hit ESC, but it wasnt working even before that. Im doing this over LAN thanks for your time.

as you can see its a boring old terminal no output at all i tpyed exploit opened it on victim pc, nothing at all in terminal. That exploit failed is because i hit ESC. because i had to enter a new port. Ive tried almost everything i opened the ports on victim pc on windows firewall i disabled the firewall i used different ports, i copy and pasted the exe and tried to run again, nothing works. If you could help me i would appreciate it. This is kind of discouraging me to continue learning because ive been at this for 2 days trying to fix it. Its probably something simple tho. I wont be on for a few hours anyways ill be on later. Thanks.

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