Forum Thread: Finding openPorts.(Nmap)

If i do nmap to get openports. Web Admin(or anyone) will know about it that someone is messing with web etc.
If yes than how to do it secretly?

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Most websites get thousands of scans per day, so admins generally pay no attention. To keep your IP from being logged use a SYN scan.

wouldnt a decent ips/ids be able to see where it sent the ACK packet back to assuming they are actually paying attention to the scans?

Yes, of course, but there is nothing illegal about scanning and each website receives so many that no one pays attention. Most security admins turn off alerts for scans because there are so many.

Using a SYN scan is safer because it will not establish a full connection with the target, however some firewalls will still be able to detect it.

To minimize detection risks you could also use a proxifier (ProxyChains for example) which allows TCP and DNS tunneling through multiple proxies.

I believe you cannot do a SYN scan through a proxifier. At least not with ProxyChains, AFAIK.

P.S.: Mandelbrot set is cool ;)

Just use vpns dude.I'm not saying you are 100% secretly hidden,there's no such thing as that,but it will be harder for the admin to trace you if he can,almost inpossible to.Let me tell you why you shouldn't be concerned about that,if they call the cops(which i'm sure they woudn't)they wouldn't do anything.cause as OTW said it is not illegal.So feel free to scan any website.

Well this is where I'm curious if a grey area exists. A SYN attack if done with enough machines could potentially take down an online service. At its heart its just a scan but if you take down the site because your "scan" is so loud it becomes a DDOS and that is illegal isn't it?


Any type of DoS is illegal. A single scan is not a DoS. Multiple SYN scans can use up all the connections in the queue and ultimately keep others from accessing the site. That is quite different from a port scan.

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