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Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone. The newest release of nmap was released last month; be sure to update your software. Most importantly, DO NOT download NMap from any other place besides Fyodor's

In early June, it was discovered that Sourceforge STOLE the software from Fyodor, a move that has the father of nmap incredibly upset. The possibility of of legal action against the website is quite possible, if not likely. Spread the word!

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Or, as is more likely, through the Kali Repos.

Don't ever add anything else to the sources.list file, just as a note. Chances are you'll mess up your Kali System pretty bad. Do you want that? No, you don't. Good!

who's talking about sources? I said update your software. How you do it is up to you

Greetings! What am I looking at or is this a FYI?
SourceForge the code repository? or Some other entity?

sourceforge is a website you can download a wide array of software from. This is an FYI/heads up for newbs in particular, running a Windows machine.

I think insecure is the company behind it or something...

official website could be better option?

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