Forum Thread: Need a Help with Port Forwarding

i just forwarded port to use metasploit, but after applying port forwarding in my jiofi m2 router, i used nmap to check the port is open or not but nmap results showed me those ports were filtered.

what to do now?
even i enapled my windows firewall settings to allow those specific ports bit still it shows as filtered
please anyone help me to overcome this

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3 Responses

Contact the router company

Have you tested it to see if it still works? Set up Metasploit using one of those ports. Then use a web browser and go to the IP:Port. If you get random junk on the page/a bad session on Metasploit, it works. If nothing, then there is still a problem.

it doesn't works.
but i did all i can do but still there is a mistake i think

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