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I'm on a network, with a fair amount of users. I was wondering if there was a way to scan the entire network, and get detailed information about any users on the network.

I've been looking at nmap and I read (skimming) most of the tutorials on here so I googled it and hit the nmap docs. It scared me :P. So I was also wondering if there was any good tutorials anywhere else on nmap and if there is any alternative tool for what I am looking for. Thanks :P


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There are several nmap tutorials here on Null Byte.

You can scan the entire network b using CIDR notation. For instance to scan all 255 hosts on a Class C network for can write;

As for detailed information. How detailed do you want? nmap is a port scanner. It will tell you the ports that are open, the operating system and services. What more info are looking for?

So could I do nmap -O to get operating systems running on the network?


Yes, that would work for a network up 255 hosts.

As Phoenix750 points out, nmap is not good at guessing the OS.

Also, if you inside the network, try using SNMP. It will give you detailed and accurate info of everything on the network.

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