Forum Thread: Firewall Tester Tool Concept!

I want to know about the Ftester tool and my both host are debian systems with iptables as firewall/packet filter. When sending packets from one host to the other I would like to check whether the firewall is working properly or not.

The syntax is not quite clear to me:


What port and what flag should be used to get it work ?

Does flag should be consider with the port?

Please, I need some explaination about it! I searched about it on web a lot but I still don't understand! Any help will be most appreciated! Thank-you! And sorry for my poor English :)

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Thank you for your comment i go thru to that article and its quite helped me! i want to know that can i do this practical via virtualbox with two different OS ?

I'm glad to hear that article helped but I'm not quite sure I understand. What do you mean two different OS? Like between your OS and VM or your VM and an OS plus another OS? I don't know how to do that. I've never personally done anything like what you're doing so sorry I can't be of more help.

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