Forum Thread: METASPLOIT - Binding Fails

-- Important Info --
Platform - VMware
1)Kali Linux
2)Windows 7

Network - Bridged

Basically, I'am trying to work through a simple Firewall ON challenge, Where the Windows 7 has its firewall ON. I follow the basic step of sending AWK packets first to confirm with the firewall .

Then, fire up the msfconsole -
LHOST - #(Kali)
.... steps

everything goes well until this happens..#

Please help me out :)

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7 Responses

You need to double check your options I can see in your screenshot you did not set them to what you stated in your above steps.

Just to clarify, you stated that your Kali IP was, in the output it is



Are these correct :?

Windows 7
Ip -

Did you set SRPORT to the same value as LPORT? Are the ports being used by another process? The more information you include, the easier it will be for me (and any other member) to help you.

Here are the default options:

State each of your values from top to bottom. Also, what are the exact commands you entered, in order?


TRT: Looking at his screenshot I think he is trying to use browser_autopwn
Saurav Tiru: What happened when you ran it with those options? Did it work for you?

I didn't execute it, I just showed him the default options so that he can point out what exactly he changed, and so others can follow along in case they don't have msfconsole running at the time.


I'm sorry TRT, I was asking the question to Saurav Tiru. I'll edit the comment to avoid confusion.

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