Forum Thread: Armitage Nothing Is Working Evan When the Firewall Is Off

I was trying to hack my pc(windows 10) with my laptop (Kali Linux) I did an nmap scan and my pc showed up so I disabled the firewall and I tried everything, nothing worked even hail mary please help me

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Your PC must be vulnerable to the exploits that are available for Metasploit/Armitage. If your PC is fully up to date, none are going to work. There are no zero day exploits right now for Windows 10 that's on Metasploit/Armitage.

A better test would be to create a malicious trojan, set up a listener on Kali, transfer the Trojan to the computer and run it. Make sure Defender is turned off.

You could also get yourself a vulnerable version of Windows XP that's vulnerable to the exploit Ms08-067 and try that. Or a vulnerable version of Windows 7-10 that is vulnerable to the exploit MS17-010 (Eternal Blue)

oh, thank you know I understand. I thought if I disabled my firewall it would work

check & learn about nesus he work like n map i love it.

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