Forum Thread: How to Turn Off Kali Linux Firewall ?

hello friends,
i heard about it is neccesory to turn off kali linux firewalls to do portfarwarding correctly,
i just want to know is that correct ? if it is correct how do i turn off firewalls in kali linux,
plz, help me ..... good luck,

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2 Responses

Manipulating iptables does the work. In kali you can install a tool that manages iptables.

#> apt-get install ufw

Its GUI is apt-get install gufw

You can basically type ufw disable to disable the firewall and the rules. ufw enable also enables the firewall and the rules .... You can check the man page of the tool from command line .... Its a good tool really.

Hi Dark Net
I am getting problems installing the ufw. I get a systemd error with the apt-get install ufw command. Please help....

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