Forum Thread: How to Hack a Router?

TL-WDR5600 How can i get its password?

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There are many guides here on null-byte to hack wifi passwords, if that is what you meant by hacking a router.
Hack wifi using WPS Pixie Dust
WPA password hack

I think it's the second one you're looking for. You can get the WPS via the method. Rest is homework for you. Good luck.

Sorry, that's not what i ask. i mean i have connected to a wifi, but i need use its router to do port forwarding, and i don't know the router's password(it has password..)

Try Username "admin" and password "admin". Alot of people let ther router login information at default.

Now if that doesnt work you could try using Hydra to crack down the password of your router, that is ofcurse with a good word list with your password in it. Is there is any other tactic on getting the password of the router's login page without Hydra? I dunno...

Indeed, there are lots of lists of username - password pares online. Did you try to google 'default password TL-WDR5600' ?

If you want to get root on the actual OS, you'll need to get an UART - USB chip, soldering iron, some wire, some soldering tin/lead. Google for UART hacking. It does require you to open the router and solder wire on the motherboard. If you're willing to do that, you can post a photo of the motherboard as a comment here and I might be able to tell you how to connect the wire. It does require you to buy the UART - USB chip though.

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