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So im just starting to learn the command line version of metasploit, ive been using armitage for a while, but im not sure i can achieve what i want in armitage.

So here is what i am trying to achieve.
I have set rules in firewall to port forward to my Kali machine on a certain port.

I want to be able to make a website that spawns a reverse shell me to in metasploit, but when the person visits the website it spawns the shell and automatically forwards the person onto another website to make it look like nothing too weird happened.

So with metasploit i guess you can set up a listener and wait for the connection , then use metasploit command line kung fu ( this im learning ) or can you then export that shell into armitage?

Can armitage make a listener that will just wait for a connection, then add that host into the host list ?

Can someone help be my mentor in this area?

Thanks in advance.

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open armitage and search for multi/handler then put the right settings, like the port you used in the shell, the payload etc... nearly everything you can do with metasploit cli is available in armitage. it's a Graphical Interface (GUI) for metasploit

Not exactly answering your question, but you are aware that there is a terminal to the metaspoit command line in armitage right. You don't need to completely scrap armitage to use the command line version of metasploit.

Also, i believe that by default any exploited systems automatically appear in the hosts of armitage just as ling as you are running your listener on armitage.

thanks, i seem to have missed the listener part :)

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