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Im running Kali linux as my OS. Its x64 kali now.

And i want to use all the goods and power what i gives. And i want to ment, im new to this all. So my probleme starts here, at Dynamic IP. Nothing is actualy working, i cant use MSF, armitage, SeToolkit, or anything else. Couse i gues i dont recive data back. Losing connections on Armitage when try to capture remote pc.

I have SIM card internet, wich is my router, and wich makes wireless to my PC. (not the donge(flash drive internet))
I want to know how to make it work normaly, change setting on admin router page, what to do exacley to enjoy the Kali.

Master OCTW told about port forward.. but what exacly have to do with it, what IP type there, what ports to make it work like charm..

I jsut want to explore LInux and kali, learn things :)


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if our problem is only the dynamic ip, go to /etc and find the hosts archive, open it on leafpad or another txt editor.
edit like mine localhost localhost.localdomain

this only, and say if it works

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