Forum Thread: F Tester Tool in Kali Linux in Not Working Properly!! :(

My Host A (ftest) IP is: (Kali Linux 1.0)
My Host B (ftestd) IP is: (Kali Linux 1.0)

i simply created a ftest.conf file in my Host A with the commands,

  • ftest.conf -

# checking privileged ports (<1025)
# checking proxy port

Then in Host A's terminal,
I typed:
ftest -f ftest.conf -d 0.01 -v
Get the output file of name ftest.log

Then in Host B's terminal,
I typed:
ftestd -i eth0 -v
Here, i found nothing!
Get the output file of name ftestd.log is empty.
Am i doing something wrong ???
Please Looking for the relevant reply soon..
Thank You

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