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Sup hackers!

Using proxys, vpn or some kind of ip hider is one of the main things you need to have and know how to use, if you dont you might have FBI showing up at your house.

So today I will show you how to use a script called AnonSurf that hides your ip while hacking.
It is a really good script that first was made for parrotsec but have been edit so it will work in kali linux.

kali linux (Im using 2017.2)
So lets start

Step 1: Download It

First we need to open our browser (Im using Firefox) and type in then we need to open our terminal, then type in git clone and press enter.

Now it will download it.

Step 2: Run the Installer

So when we have AnonSurf on our kali machine we need to run the installer.
Type this in the terminal: ./installer

This will take some time, after a while you will see this:

Here we need to press Y if we want it to get installed on our kali machine.
This will take some more time but it will not be long.

Step 3: Get It to Work

Now it would be installed if you havent ran in to some problems.

To run it and see the options we just need to type: anonsurf in our terminal.
You will then see this:

So now we just need to type: anonsurf start and it will hide our ip.

If you want to see that is it activated you just need to type: anonsurf status in your terminal.

Now if you want to see the ip it is giving you just type: anonsurf myip, it will then show your new ip.

Pros and Cons

It is a really easy tool to use.
Its a really good tool for beginners.
You dont need to find proxys.

It is not very complicated tool so it is not as safe as proxychains for example.

Some people have had problems when the are using Anonsurf for example: they cant use the internet on there kali machine.

In some countrys it doesnt work like in Egypt.

Until next time hack safe and dont get caught, it will not look good in your CV

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Tried to install it on Kali 2018.1 but got error. Can it actually work on the latest release of Kali?

It doesnt work on kali linux 2018.1 sadly.
I recommend that you use VPN insted Much mure secure.

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