Forum Thread: How to Make/Create a Backdoor Like *RCS* for Android.

Hi guys, it's 23055 here with a very first question on this platform.

Before getting to my question i would like to bring you to a video tutorial so please follow below link....

after seeing it i would like to ask you "is it possible to make the same or equivalent for android"

I am using Kali Linux but it's only my begging and i have already used {msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reversetcp} which has a lot of issues like session died etc...

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Do you mean android as in a program that runs on android or that monitors an android device?

I would assume that both are possible. From the looks of it, RCS is just a fancy GUI RAT.

Is it possible to make the same or else do we have any the same already?
I am using Kai Linux (2.0) and i want to test on my Samsung note 3

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