Forum Thread: Need Help with Android Hacking with Metasploit

i have a problem with metasploit
when my session is opened when i try a command it says
androiddumpcontacts: Operation failed: 1
webcam_start: Operation failed: 1
and "Operation failed: 1" eror for every thing

i also have another Q
how can i make a persistent backdoor when i have embended the payload in another apk
when i tryed it said

Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cmp=com.metasploit.stage/.MainActivity }
Error type 3
Error: Activity class {com.metasploit.stage/com.metasploit.stage.MainActivity} does not exist.

what should i do ????? :(((((
please help me :((((((((

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no one ??? :(((

Hi, about your 1st problem. Did you tried without an embended apk ? And for the persistence with the the embended apk, are you sure that the uri's name /path is correct ?

hi thanks for answering. yes i tried in with a normal payload i made with msfvenom it is the same.

yes im sure the path is correct but it dosent start the meterpreter sessions and in says the same eror but when i put path fir the app that i embended the payload in it it worked but the app opens with it too and i dont want that :(

I really dont know about this error sorry, some times is happening to me but it's due to my connection I think. I can't help you : \

thanks anyway.

Was the webcam working perfectly in the victim's device? Or was the connection stable? If the operation failed comes up in every command, then I think it is the problem of the connection between two devices or you made the payload wrong.

What did you use? veil? zirikatu? fatrat? shelter? or just the default msfvenom?

i made it with msfvenom. and im sure that the connection is stable but it says the same eror.
isnt it related to android version ?

Oh, hahahahhaha... I think I know what the problem is......
I read the problem once again and I saw "webcam_start"..
It should be "webcam_stream"...
Try it again, if it still says operation failed, I will try my best to find the problem.

that is gone now and i cant do all the things thanks about that.
but for the other problem, do you know what should i do ????

is it possible to install an apk from meterpreter ???????

no one ?? :(((

Just upload the apk u want to install to the victim by using upload command in meterpreter.
Then get a shell in victim using shell command and type
pm install <path-to-apk>
this will popup a install box on the screen of the victim if he/she installs u r good to go

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