Forum Thread: Metasploit for Absolute Begineer.

I am learning hacking and pentesting, I have some programming knowledge but I know nothing about metasploit. can anyone plz give me a nice video tutorial for metasploit for absolute begineer. thank you.

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Do you have video because I don't like reading plz.

If you want to actually progress, you have to read. There are very few video resources and most of those are both dated and low quality.

Ok I will read good article and watch good videos in thank you jack sea.

That's an ambiguous statement you're making there. The difference is only due to the fact that videos can not be updated as easily as text. Else they are pretty good.

-The Joker

I don't know if it covers the basics, but there's a good free course 'Metasploit Unleashed' by community at OffSec

-The Joker

If you want to learn about Metasploit, You MUST read this.

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