MetaSploit: When I Do 'Use Multi/Handler' It Is Different for Me Than for Others.

Hi everyone.
So i'm just a beginner with hacking and all that stuff.
I know a little bit already but i ran into a problem.
I started up Metasploit and started typing, 'use multi/handler'.

I was watching a video on YouTube how other people are using Metasploit, and i saw a difference.
When they are typing, 'use multi/handler' they get this (image below).

So as you can see people get, 'msf exploit(handler)'.
I was wondering if this is a problem because i can't find anything about this on the internet.
Because Metasploit always never works for me, ;/ i don't know what i do wrong i thought maybe is this THE problem.
If someone could help me with it, Thanks! :D

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