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1st question is when i use command exploit multi/handler why it is shows (multi/handler) in place of (handler) and 2nd is why it is shows starting reverse handler nd nothing happen?

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Explain what you are trying to do.

You need to provide more information in order to help. Your 1st issue isn't a problem. It's the way Metasploit displays it now. It works regardless whether it says multi handler or just handler. Your second issue requires more info. How are you creating the payload? What is the target OS? Is the target on the same network as kali? If not, you must port forward your Lport. Last thing, is the target computer running an Antivirus such as Windows Defender?

i tried to use it in my android device...i was using internet connection in my pc's kali with same device..nd then i sent it to my friend's smartphon but nothing happens ...

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