Forum Thread: Installing Network Adapter Driver Error

Hello NullByte! I am new here on the forum and I'm also new to Kali Linux so keep that in mind ;)

I am going to install the driver RTL8188EUS for my TP-Link TL WN722N V2 on Kali Linux and I've downloaded the driver for Linux from TP-Links website: When I have extracted it from the zip file and put it on my desktop I open up a new terminal and navigate inside the folder called rtl8188EUS Linux v4.3.0.8 13968.20150417. Then I run the command "make" and I get this error:

So yeah.... I have searched the entire internet and i can't fix this error. I bought the TP-Link TL WN 722N V2 because I've heard that it is good for Kali Linux but I guess I have wasted my money....

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