Forum Thread: Nmap :/

Why i'm getting this problem?

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You're kind of running amok here in forum the last day or so. Do you ever try doing your own research and troubleshooting instead of just coming straight here for every bump in the road? You'll learn more in the long run if you figure things out on your own. Plus people will be more willing to help you if you don't just blurt out, "Why am I getting this problem?" with nothing else at all in your post.


You either missspelt the URL, it is down or you're using something that isn't a URL as if it was and then strapped the .com at the end. Can't pinpoint which one since it's blacked out but, essentially what N8 said. Do some research.

It seems like your screen is blurry, might be the issue why nmap doesnt work (as i said in sarcasme huehueh)

I suggest emailing the creators of nmap, maybe they can help you out.

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