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I am working with Kali and am having some trouble with my host discovery in general. I am work with an old windows xp that I had laying around the problem is that I can't actually find it when i use nmap or any other scan for it. I have tried it both in armitage and in the console and nothing. I am picking up everything else in the house just not this one computer. Any Ideas/fixes???

anything help at all is awesome.

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Is the XP box connected to the network? Can you actually ping it from kali and vise verse or any other device on the network?

Agreed. We need more information on this. Command you are using, etc.

Burn the XP machine with fire until it disappears?
Honestly with XP is no telling why it has no connectivity.
But 1 is does it have a firewall?
And then DILL_'s line of questions.

Does the box still have Windows XP on it? You can upgrade for free to 8.1. That should fix 6/3,456,436,523 of your problems. ;)

ok so the xp is hook into the same network as mine and I working mostly in Armitage and I have used all of the different host discovery. Sorry if this is missing some of the info I am fairly new to most of this. Also I believe that it has firewall up.

Since you are new to this I give the following advice.

Make sure you can actually communicate with the XP box. No point in running in circles trying to get nmap to work if you have a networking issue. Is the firewall on or off, don't believe just look. If it is on and since you are new turn it off. Run the tool and see what you get. It will be better if you have different services running so you can see them and learn. Once your more familiar with the tool then turn the firewall back on and see the difference. Then try different options and see what information you can get. What command are you currently running. There are multiple How to's on Null-Byte for nmap so read them.

AFAIR, the XP Firewall is blocking ICMP requests per default.

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