Forum Thread: Who Can Help Me Get an Ip Address for Someone's Twitter Account Please?

Who Can Help Me Get an Ip Address for Someone's Twitter Account Please?

Basically I sold a laptop for my partner and there was images on it of her from her younger days ( 15 years old ) someone has not formatted the laptop properly and now the images have leaked viral on twitter. I need the IP address of the culprit ASAP, can anyone do this for me please

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Sounds like a job for some 3 letter abbv agency, pick one.

You can do it in a way but its a two man job you wont get the IP address of the person you will get a twitter server but you can hack that yes it might be stupid to do but if you break in side just use Kali linux Xprobe2 to find what operating system it will most likely be linux so try and disable the firewall with most likely there port 22 is closed so try the remote port or agent port Agent Ports are Always active there are some good things on the internet to help with most of this

If you want the IP address of someone just play it smart , basically all you've got to do is make another Twitter account get some followers and shit , do some talking so it won't look fake and then get to talk to this person without him knowing its you , then create some shit story up to make him go to this website blasze

But before that go to and follow their instructions , it's pretty simple and not as complexed as how I'm writing ... When he clicks the website you'll be able to use a code and enter that code on blaze , then the website would tell you the IP address of the person who clicked on that website and his tiny details which could actually allow you Even find a gauge of where he's staying ... If there's any questions you can always contact me ????

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