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please read more about "Error and Exception" and also "Sockets" in python.

I don't know what's write after it but "TimeoutError" mean the connection get over the default time to establish the connection.

This mean u have a problem on the listening program. Just be sure u're "server-side" program is listening on the correct port and on the correct address (loopback or localIP).

U use the "try:" statement code block when u are going to use a piece of code which will probably have an exception/s.
U use the "except:" statement code block to manage that/those exception/s.

U should change ur code in:
connect.connect((hostname, 21))
response = connect.recv(2000)

print("- Connection Error")

connect.send("user %s\r\n" %username)
response = connect.recv(2000)

the script now will do the connection, then wait for an incoming message, then print it, then go over the except code block, send the "username" to other back-end, then wait for an incoming message, then print it.

If u get an error inside the try block the code will run the code inside the "except block".

Actually u are generating an exception inside another exception (1 exception when u try to connect, this execute the code inside the "except" code block which arise another exception because u try to read data-stream from a socket which isn't connected )

Oh also, this isn't an exploit but just a client for a TCP connection ^^

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