Forum Thread: A Suggestion to Null Byte About How-to Articles

First please forgive my poor english. I appreciate many creators' job in null byte, they share knowledge selfless.As a newbie, I hope there are some basic theory not only how to use tools, I don't want to be a script kiddie.I like the Python Study Series,which tell me how to program python.I know the technology of arp poisoning, how dhcp works, therefor how mitm works.So, if you post a article to null byte, I hope there are some link or description about how it works.

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Well since this is a tutorial forum you will find lots of tutorials but there are still quite a few good theoretical articles, but you must remember that articles that have a more practical side are often more fun reading and writing.

What I do is I have a list that whenever I learn something new or ask myself a question I put it on the list for things I want to search up later, then when i have the time I go through the items and look them up, and although it often leads up to more question, I get to learn quite a bit both practical and theoretical that way. There are so many place on the internet with good information you can always search up the concepts behind it if you want.


Congrats on learning these things! I hope you can keep using Null Byte to build upon your knowledge. It took my a lot of time before I finally knew how man in the middle attacks worked.

-- Cameron Glass

I would like to add an would be awesome if someone (or we as community) start a series on "market" hacking, it should involve algotrading (zipline/quantopian), machine learning and something else to detect trading bots, study them and exploit their behaviours/systems. Opinions???

Nothing will land you in prison faster.

I agree. Even if its just a wikipedia link, sure I could Google it myself but the author of the tutorial might find another description easier to understand. I would also love to see more theory series here. I know how this stuff works pretty well but almost no experience

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