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Hello guys, I am new here and i wanted to ask you a question thats bugging me from some time. Straight to the question, is there (I suppose those exist) a program or a way to sniff the information on a remote router (far far away from you) through WAN when you have the valid password and user name for it.

I have searched in google but all i could find was a RAT (Router Audit Tool ) for Cisco routers. I am sure that the router is not Cisco, it is TP-Link, don't know the exact model thou .

So, if some one of you knows about a software like that please tell me its name or just give me a hint what to try.

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6 Responses

Given u have the router's ip, nmap seems to do the trick. I guess it depends on what info you want.

If you have the username and password, you should be able to login to the admin panel.

Don't most routers nowadays only allow access through cable by default?

Some do, some don't. Check out Shodan for all the routers interfaces you can access via HTTP.

Depending on the router you might be able to.

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