Forum Thread: I Want to Crack Router Admin Username and Password Connected to Same Wifi Network.

Hello Guys!
I hope u all are doing well...
I have some serious question to u guys though it may be silly for someone, I mean experts.
Here we go..
Topic : I want to crack router admin username and password connected to same wifi network.

Description : I am using linux OS. I have a router infront of my door which I can access it physically. I used it for 8 months but lately they used a Mac filtering security. But I am able to connect to that network using MAC SPOOFING from virtual station VMWARE (Linux OS). I can access router login page from default gateway but dont know why the internet is not working for me. My pan is to add my devices mac address manually since those neighbours are not genius specialist on these matters.

I searched on internet about this topic, but I am not interested on HYDRA or bruteforcing or wordlists technique.

ROM-O wont work.And guys I also dont want to reset the router.

So, Is there any easy way to break out that thing? I am just one step away guys.. I have connection to that wifi or login page and physically access to that router too.... So any serious expert solution on this thing please? :)

Serious solution please..!!

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