Forum Thread: Question About MITM Attack.

have a question about MITM attack (or Whatever This attack is Called).

Let's say i am connected to a Router and three more users are connected to it, router address is Now i don't know the Login Credentials of the Router , so i use Ettercap and Some DNS poisoning etc Stuff and i do attack on an User "A" , now whenever User "A" type it auto redirects to original Router Page whose address is , now User type it's Login User and Pass (Because Router Page Not Using HTTPS so it's easy to Read data in PlainText) , now i am using Wireshark to read all Trafic and Filter all Requests related to and i get the user name and Pass.

So is this Possible ?? if yes Then How i do it ?? if NO then Why ??
Thanks in advance.. :)

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3 Responses

This would be a DNS Spoof attack.

The problem with this strategy is that the user would be expecting Google and get the router login. Why would they enter their credentials?

so how i do it exactly ?? any Link or something to learn ??

i Know this strategy is kind of flop but Most Of Noob Users (i have seen many of these kinds of users) Do any Thing to Access popular Sites (Like Google , Facebook) , if he keeps getting that Site again and again maybe he 'll put his credentials it to see if this gonna work or not.

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