Forum Thread: How Would I Get Default Gateway of My Friends Public Ip

i want to get friends public IP's default gateway because i want to try session hijacking throught the internet. I have done it many times in network by arspoof.. to do same i would require default gateway of my friends pubilc ip. OR if any other way to to session hijacking through internet please tell me.

Thanks in Advance.

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session hijacking on the internet mostly doesnt work :/ even if you get the default gateway

can you please tell me why is it so..
do you know some other way so that i can intercept my friends traffic.
can i do MITM attack

Only if you're on the same network as them

so there's no other way to do through the internet??
and very thanks for your help.

The only way to hijack your friend's session (with his permission of course) would be to be on the same network as him. The only other way to do it from a different network is if you set up port forwarding on his router.

Hope this helps!

  • Cameron

ok.. Very thanks Camero N Glass..
ill sure try this..

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