Forum Thread: Bruteforce Password Cracker (ghoster_brute)

Hello my fellow hacker im new around here.
My name is thegeniesghost a relatively new arouund here,
well to posting content anyways...

I have a great release for all you newbies out there that have the,
-know how

All but a brute forcer for plowing through that handshake you captured.
Well now you have it the name is called:
I made it all today just learned how to code in python and thought,
hmm i need to make this for my toolbox so i did and thought hey!
i always needed one of these for the password lists that just aint enough.
You all now have one, i will show you how to clone it and how to use it.
Apart from that just open up you're,
for me cheers!

Step 1: Cloning into Repository Usr/Home/Ghost

Now this step is easy enough we are just going to clone my script into your home directory:

Step 2: Using ghoster_brute.Py

This is simple enough you just do the following command:
*cd ghost_brute
Thats it wait untill your file is saved and your good to go!
Have fun and star me on github!
peace my homies !

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I'm going to try this out later, thanks for posting it!

You are welcome it does work but depending on your machine is how long it will take to make the wordlist then all you gotta do is run the wordlist through what you cracking.


Check out my pull request.
This text file will be very big after completing attack.

i will have a look now thank you btw.

You have forked but no pull request, also if people can run this script at 8-12 chars and post the files to the repository this would help others to get cracking on ;)

~/ghostbrute $ python
File "/data/data/com.termux/files/home/ghostbrute/", line 25
for i in passwords:
TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation

I keep getting this when trying to run the program can someone help me plz???

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