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I am using this live USB kali. The issue is i cant login to live persistent mood. I tried different way suggested here like . and here i find i need to get connected to Internet. I tried to get connected through command line but i see my Wlan0 stays as down. i tried several ways to up the wlan but it wont. I tried these steps to solve the connectivity through command line. but still stuck at wlan0 down issue i guess as its not getting up through the mentioned command. I tried different other commands to make it up but it wont. So i get back through rebooting the system, just in live kali (not the persistent ) here i see i can easily connect to network and here i am writing. so my issues are;

  1. How can i login to my "kali live persistent" mood.
  2. How can i connect to my wifi through the command line, make the "wlan0" up.

Another thing i am wondering, this live usb stick, i had installed it back around one years ago. I was thinking to reinstall the live kali in it again (as i cant login to persistent mood and cant update). But the issue is, i am having a perfectly working laptop with no hard drive, therefore i am not having any other system in hand to work on this usb stick. Here comes the question,

* can i install/reinstall kali from the live mood within the USB stick?

Thanks in advance for your helpful insight.

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