Forum Thread: How to Change TOR Ip with Every Request?

I am using tor with proxychains on kali sana. I need to change my ip with every request(nmap). Is it possible?

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Shouldn't it do that automatically..?

Tor in default changing the ip address in every 20 minutes. but i need change the ip more frequently

I don't want to nag you, but you said "every request". Do you know how many requests are sent within a second? Many is the correct answer.

So it would be unfeasible to change it with every request. But what you could do to modify how TOR works is look up how to edit the torrc file. Here's another link that may come in handy.

actually not for browsing. i need it for nmap

Are you looking to send each nmap probe request with a different IP address? This means checking if each port is open, all from different IPs within the same scan. You would then have a higher chance of being a victim of a correlation attack. Never mind that...

Try using nmap with proxychains and checking the proxychains.conf file to suit it to your needs. Though I'm not sure you can, with proxychains, alternate your IP as frequently as you want.


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