Forum Thread: How to Connect Wireless Network Adapter in Linux VMware?

How to Connect Wireless Network Adapter in Linux VMware?

So I've been really passionate about Kali Linux. Heard that VMware running Kali linux on a Laptop won't do Witeless hacking because of the Wireless card limitations. so I went out and bought a Wireless USB adapter that's compatible with Kali Linux for about $20. So I added the Card and installed it, open VMware and put it on.

Then I launch VMware Kali, put in the card and click on devices and select it . Than I do /ifconfig and it shows that it's working right, under Wlan0, but than when I try to connect to a wireless internet, nothing , not one shows up.

I than repeat all the steps, watched multiple videos, nothing shows under wireless. Do I have to connect to my wireless network from the desktop than launch Linux and put in the wireless adapter card? Or am I doing something wrong?

Basically to recap , I'm trying to connect to a wireless (wifi) network on my VMware Kali Linux 2.0 using the external Wireless adapter.

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Nevermind guys! i got it running, turns out that I had to fix some things in the "device" section

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