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Kali linux v2 Sana will be released tomorrow, but I built sucessfull it.

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the source code is already released? why didn't anyone tell me?!


It will be released tomorow.`re talking about the source code

What is it that excites you about this new release of Kali?

To me it is mostly the new user interface. I never really liked Kali because of it's UI, which I find personally sloppy. I always used ParrotSec as my pen testing distro, because it has a much friendlier UI and a sleek theme in my opinion. I think that Kali 2.0 has a really nice interface now compared to it's previous releases.

But I think i will stay with ParrotSec, because it allows very nice features like AnonSurf, RAM-only web browsing, and a really nice script to easily encrypt your files, partitions, and even entire disks. Those are all features I miss in Kali.


That's interesting because it was that UI that Offensive Security was avoiding when they switched from Ubuntu to Debian.

I honestly don't see why they wanted to avoid it in the first place. I think it is the native UI of Debian, so when I would use it, I would just feel like I am using Debian with a huge repository of pen testing tools (kind of like how BlackArch feels).


You can enable full gnome 3 UI in Kali if you don't like the minimalist UI .
"native UI of Debian" - o_O Thar she blows

@OTW: Ugh, I sometimes hate it that English isn't my first language. What I meant with "Native UI of Debian" is the UI that comes with a default Debian installation. The UI of Debian looks very familiar to the Kali 2.0 UI (which i suppose is some version of GNOME).

Image via

@CyberHitchHiker: How can you enable full GNOME 3 in Kali?

Sorry if I made no sense :)


That pretty much looks like full anyway. Have you tried xfce?

To see which session you are using :
gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session session-name

To enable full gnome instead of fallback mode:
dbus-launch gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session session-name 'gnome'

Reboot the machine:
init 6



I don't like full Gnome. Just personal preference. I probably will install a different one. Honestly would be cool to make one just for something like Kali but I rather do other stuff.

SO Which One is Best in kali and Parrot OS

I prefer Kali to Parrot OS.
Because I need more RAM free on my laptop.
And I can't tell you which one is the best.
It all base on what hardware you used.
But,I just love Kali(like metasploit --> ox).
Hope you have a wonderful day,Mr.X.

Kali 2.0 is a rolling release Distro, Does that mean it will contain bleeding edge packages as in Arch ?

You can add the bleeding edge repo in sources.list

what is the command to get to the GUI?

Hi, how do i install backtrack in kali linux 2.0?

You don't need Backtrack. Just install Kali.

Backtrack was the predecessor to Kali.

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