Forum Thread: Review Kali Linux v2.0 Sana

Kali linux v2 Sana will be released tomorrow, but I built sucessfull it.

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What is it that excites you about this new release of Kali?

That's interesting because it was that UI that Offensive Security was avoiding when they switched from Ubuntu to Debian.

I don't like full Gnome. Just personal preference. I probably will install a different one. Honestly would be cool to make one just for something like Kali but I rather do other stuff.

SO Which One is Best in kali and Parrot OS

I prefer Kali to Parrot OS.
Because I need more RAM free on my laptop.
And I can't tell you which one is the best.
It all base on what hardware you used.
But,I just love Kali(like metasploit --> ox).
Hope you have a wonderful day,Mr.X.

Kali 2.0 is a rolling release Distro, Does that mean it will contain bleeding edge packages as in Arch ?

You can add the bleeding edge repo in sources.list

what is the command to get to the GUI?

Hi, how do i install backtrack in kali linux 2.0?

You don't need Backtrack. Just install Kali.

Backtrack was the predecessor to Kali.

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