Forum Thread: How to Embed an Veil Encrypted Payload to a Pdf !

Hello guys i want to ask how i can embed an encrypted payload created with veil-evasion to a pdf !

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Probably you can't, But if you got a windows 7 machine lying somewhere you could Bind the payload and PDF using celesty binder or any other binder, and then change the icon of the generated file to a PDF icon to make it look legit.

This. There is no way that I know of to fake a file extension without exploiting a vulnerability so the best you can do is make it look like a PDF same an hope they fall for it.


Actually, on most operating systems, you are able to hide the actual extension of a file as well as change the logo, making it look and feel like a pdf. Prepare your file with a hidden extension but also a .pdf before that hidden extension and put it on a usb stick or send it to them through email.

Here are some links that should teach you how to hide extensions on different operating systems:



Be sure to also change the icon of the file so that it looks like a pdf:



Hope this helps you out!
-Cameron Glass

You wont be faking the file extension, you will just bind it with another file, so when the victim opens the file it also opens whatever file he binded it with, Also the extension is still .exe but most users don't have The extensions visible so by changing the Icon it will look exactly like a PDF or whatever

Yes he is correct. The extension is still there but the windows OS hides the first extension by default

Yes but when he will click to download the file he will probably see payload.pdf.exe on the description :/

True but if you send the file in a zip, he might still get fooled.


Yeah probably

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