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Hello all! I have a question about veil-evasion. I'am trying to make a malware with veil-evasion + trying to use msfvenom extra options like -x ( a custom executable file to use as a template ) and -k ( preserves the template behavior and inject the payload as a new thread ).It just don't apply these options. So, If i'm doing something wrong or I misunderstood something? Thank you. :)

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In the Veil menu, once you type use #, and go through to the point when it asks you for the payload type and the IP/Port - well after that, it asks you for any special parameters (msfvenom). The way you specify a different template is by typing "-x=/root/MyTemplate.exe" . Of course, change the directory to wherever you want, but the = sign must be there. Now hit enter. It will once more ask you for special parameters.Same goes with -k but since it hasn't got any possible parameters you just type "-k=" . Of course exclude the "" in both.Then Just hit enter two more times and it will continue the creation. Good Luck. -Ne-py

Thanks for answering, but no luck,

Image via

Tried also editing msfvenom option in /etc/veil/ but still it wont generate with these options. Any thoughts?

From the image you provided - it suceeded. It should be in /usr/share/veil-evasion/compiled (or raw depends if you compiled it).

I don't think that it suceeded because template size is about 12mb and veil evasion generated file is 3mb and it don't have same icon and even doesn't execute as original file.

Yeah, I know. Faced that myself. What I figured is that veil can't take (for example) an installation executable with packed data(one file .exe) or such as a template. It can only use an executable that is meant to start a program or call specific link libraries or files in its directory. For example, a good idea is to use chrome.exe (frome chrome's directory) as a template. Veil will then spit out the same thing but with a separate thread in the exe containing the shell code. Now you must only replace the chrome executable with the infected one in Program Files on your PC, and once you open chrome via a shortcut on the desktop it should open chrome and issue no warnings or AV action while of course connecting to your listening server.

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