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So i wanted to ask, How come veil-evasion is always used by Hackers to bypass AV, i mean wouldn't it get detected eventually? And earlier this day i made a Payload and submitted it to an Online Scanner That doesn't distribute and it showed a detection rate of 23/47 Which means Veil-Evasion is not effective anymore, Right?

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Veil evasion per se is not that effective. However if combined with other evasion techniques it yields better results. An expert hacker who has assembly knowledge would evade an av pretty easy with ghost writing. Veil is there to simplify evasion and it does it nicely, but for higher level pentesters and hackers its not quite enough.

Could you give me a link or tell me what to google?

Well, I myself have managed to get 1/35 AV Detection by combining encoders, custom templates and AES encryption in veil, so try that.

How can i use multiple encoders at the same time?

I usually export the unencoded payload in raw and the pipe it through more msfvenom encoding by using -c to include that raw payload. I.e. msfvenom -a x86 -c /root/payload.txt -e x86/shikataganai -i 20 R > payload2.txt then pipe that payload2 through further msfvenom encoders. -ne py

Ohh nice, i see what you did there, will try it, also how can i compile it after am done, and thanks for the reply

After the final encoding just pipe it through one more, but this time exporting it as an executable with msfvenom..... X > test.exe . or msfv.... -f exe -o test.exe.

Thanks dude, really appreciate it

Can you make a little tutorial about this because many people are asking about this, and we would like to see it here

MIght aswell. I will do my best as soon as I can

learn how to code yourself is always best option start with python but using tools are always handy but hey dont just use that as main and only evader plus pls pls pls for 10000 times dont scan them online.

I know dude, dont worry, also i get python cryption is easily detected

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