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HELLO everyone

so i wanted to know i recently got veil evasion and i want to use it to create undetectable payloads but i have a question if i generate it and it says use 1.msfvenom or 2.custom shellcode if i take the 1st one will it only work on lan pc's or will it work for any pc.

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If you put your external IP as the LHOST when making the payload, and your local IP when opening a listener, it should work on WAN as well.

oh thx mate!

I tried that but i didnot get a session

Hmmm... What port are you using?

Port 1998

Have you forwarded port 1998 then? Also, what kind of payload are you trying to make? Reverse_TCP?

yes reverse_tcp

Forgive me Man I only saw you reply now
this is the payload i am generating python/shellcodeinject/aesencrypt

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