Forum Thread: How to Bind a Payload to an Image as 1 File !

Hello guys i want to ask you how i can bind a payload created by veil-evasion to an image ( .jpg ) . i saw a video on youtube that it uses the cmd on windows to bind the payload with an image with the following command ( copy /b payload.exe + payload.jpg payload.jpg )

I tried it but with no session :/ . I also know the other method with batch file but i don't prefer it . I want the victim to see just an image and when it opens it ... Kaboom ! :)

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edit the icon of the payload using ecofx

Yeah i tried that with resourcehacker but it says that the file is an .exe .
What are other ways to hide my payload except in an image ?

forget about images. try a powershell attack with doc, docx or xls files. it's more successful and can bypass the best AVs if the payload is well encrypted. the following video tut is a very good example

copy /b payload.exe + payload.jpg payload1.jpg

This command actually creates a new file (payload1.jpg) appending payload.jpg to the .exe file. Resulting file will be useless if opened as a jpg, it won't run.

I always see people that want to bind .exe to images, and I can tell there is really only one way to do it, dated back more than 10 years ago, and it's called MS04-028 (it worked pretty well back then!). But good luck finding someone that still runs such an outdated an unpatched system.

If you got a Windows machine you could try using celesty binder or any other file binder, there are plenty of them if you look in or somewhere

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