Forum Thread: How to Fix the "Extensions Disabled" Problem in Kali

Hello World :)

Do you know this? You were just doing anything - no matter what - and your screen gets completely white with only the message "Oh No! Something went wrong" and something like extensions disabled. Your only possible choice is to Press the Log Off Button. Terrible.

Step 1: What Happened to My Extensions? :o

Maybe you knew the EasyScreenCast Extension in the top right corner to record your screen very easyly, but now it's gone. This might work for some other things you would miss after that kind of error, for example the quick proxy switch or the "eject media" menu.

When this error occoured the first time, I simply reinstalled Kali because it was only a fresh and clean installation and I had nothing what I could loose. But DO NOT DO this! The solution is very more simple than that. Your extensions are not gone, they are only disabled and a few clicks away.

Step 2: Okay, Let's Re-Enable!

Boot your system as normal and log in with your username and password. I am using the root user every time, although you should not do that. No matter which user you are using, open a Terminal.

Type "gnome-shell-extension-prefs" - auto-completion will help - and hit enter. A window will open where you could see all the extensions in a list, everyone with its own switch on the right. If you're missed one of them, just flick it to "on" and you're done.

See you next time, j7 :)

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