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Hi i new in metasploit and also on whis forum.I have problem with metasploit
i reconfigured postgresql config in section (CONNECTION AND AUTHETICATION)
i changed listen adresses from localhost to my NOIPDNS
i normally save .conf file,start postgresql service and launch metasploit
it showed normal dialogue like A database appears to be already configured, skipping initialization and etc...

after 10mins msf show this ERROR message "- Failed to connect to the database: could not connect to server: Connection timed out

Is the server running on host "myDNSfrom_NOIP" (XX.XX.XX.XX) and accepting
TCP/IP connections on port 5432?"

How can i fix it ? I have already configured NAT (port fowarding) also i have already configured NOIP DNS,turned off all what could kills database and payloads ports etc....

It's because i have dynamic ip not public ?

Please help me and sorry for bad english

FULL ERROR LOG with netstats:

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Can you connect to the database using psql? I see that the database is bound to in your netstat. If you're pointing Metasploit at your router Postgresql is bound only to accept connections from or the local machine. You will need to reconfigure Postgresql to bind to your local address ie 192.168.1.x or whatever it is.

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