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I've set up an apache server listening on port 8080 on my friends computer ( For testing, I've only allowed my IP to access it by going to router (Huawei NAT port mapping and specified External IP to my WAN IP, and port 8080 for both external and internal ports, with internal IP set to his apache-running PC.

Now I've tried connecting to <his IP>:8080 and it does not work. I've unset the external IP access control (available to connect to everyone) to try that way, it also doesn't work.

Then I tried pinging his WAN IP and it timed out. What is the problem? I double checked everything, tried opening different ports, connecting to services, none worked. Does anyone have any suggestions? Need some real help here.

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is ICMP enabled on both your and your friend's end?


Yes I can be reached normally, however I indeed have tried to search for ICMP or allow pinging on his router but no such setting. Maybe by some other name?

maybe it's his ISP?


Hm, he doesn't recall asking them to restrict anything...maybe it's their policy or something. Thanks anyways

Alot of ISP's are sending out routers with limited feature sets. Don't know about yours. They want you to call them to push change updates to the router for some settings (Why?() HotSpot?).

Like, I recently had it out with my ISP about their router that I cant turn DHCP OFF on. They wanted to push the settings from their end. I told them eff off and went and bought my own gear, I can admin. I have DHCP and DNS severs on the network, I don't need or want their find me I'm leaking everywhere garbage. Random (Rage) Thought.

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