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Hello everyone! To start off with, since this is my first post, I would just like to say that this place is a fantastic resource to learn whatever you want to learn, and I think the people here do an outstanding job...

I always used windows before so I am new to everything here, and it does get confusing at times, but I am learning as I go along. I do have a problem though, that I dont know how to solve. But to be truthfull, I dont really know what the problem is or what Im doing wrong.

I searched for IPv6...but found nothing usefull on the forum...

Im trying to get handler to connect to my android device.

I can get it to work, if both my Kali system and android device are on the same network.

To do this I used msfvenom. I created a payload reverse_tcp, set the options for both payload and handler...and it works. But as soon as I disconnect my android from the network I cant get them to connect.

Like I said, it is a "learning by doing" process...

I created a new payload for my android device with LHOST being my public IP that I got from an internet site.

When I setup my handler I used my local IP, that I got when using the ifconfig command, so that my router knows where to send the traffic, when it comes through a specific port.

For both payload and handler I used the same port. I used the same port as when both were on the same network, because I thought it would work then. The port I used was 4444.

I got an error message, that the handler faild to bind. problem, I thought...

I read up on what the problem could be and some sources say "firewall". So I deactivated my firewall on my router. Still same error message. I dont know why it doesnt work, because as I understand things, all ports are open on IPv6, unless you use a firewall.

So I kept reading and watching videos...and stumbled upon "port forwarding".

The problem I have router doesnt give you the option to port forward, because it uses IPv6 as standard. It does still use IPv4, but IPv6 is standard.

All my router does is give you the option to open specific ports when your firewall is active. When using this configuration it wants a´"origination" IP and "destination" IP...both must be given in IPv6 format.

As I understand it, every device has its own IPv6 addi, but when I give the ifconfig command on my Kali device it shows me 2 addis. One is longer than the other. Very confusing...

What am I doing wrong? I want to get a remote device (not my network) connect to my handler...It cant be that complicated.

I thought of a possible solution. My router does give me the option to configure a server...Maybe I could use that and just configure my Kali system as the server? Would handler then be able to connect to the "server" and transfer data?

I am aware of the security problems...but like I said..."learning by doing"....

Any suggestions?

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Im from Germany, so Im not sure if youre familiar with it. Its from Unity Media and called "Connect Box"...

The documentation also has nothing regarding the subject...

Does anyone else maybe have some suggestions?

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