Forum Thread: [HELP] Spreading Payload/Virus Through Wifi or by Just Inserting a USB Stick

Hello guys
I wanted to know if I can spread my payload/virus through wifi and running it on an another computer.

and Also, I wanted to know if I can run my payload or virus right after a USB stick is inserted, without using the autorun thingy..

if there are ways for these 2 things I asked for, can anyone please link a tutorial? or tell me here ?


Thanks in forward <3

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I like that good question,

You can have a autorun for a usb stick but that might defeat the purpose of being stealthy as the windows opened while running would be visible to the user. So you would have to have or find a autorun that closes those windows. Or you could write it into the autorun script.

If you are on the same wifi network as him, meaning AP then you would have to scan his machine for vulnerability, like you would for a remote server.

Hi, Jon by autorun you mean a batch script ? i can run it stealthy, but how do i activate the script when i plug in the usb ? May i have more info on it ? Thanks a lot.

Jon, doesn't windows API have whats hes looking for? Is it possible to autorun a C++ program?

I think it would depend of it autorun is enabled on the victims computer

You could always buy a teensy. They can run as if they were a keyboard so it basically autoruns without anything popping up, except it might say keyboard installed. The Social Engineering Toolkit has many exploits that you can load on a teensy!

Personally, I would use ARP poisoning to redirect updates on the victim network and use the update imitator attack to spread your payload. OTW has a tut on doing something similar around the site somewhere

I need to hack some teachers, its difficult to insert a USB and open the autorun or something... their laptop is always connected to a projector so I fear geting caught either by teachers or by students cz u know some of them are kids...

any other suggestions?

lol this time of year there are allot of questions like that. Best bet, send him an email with a link to your payload and hope he clicks it. Social engineer his ass

Ask him to look at a file on your flash drive.

You get the idea

... refer previous idea, can be done via network..... doesn't require USB key, and should only pop up a notification for updates... I would use flash or java because they are always updating anyway

There is a type of USB Stick that will allow you to inject code as if it was a superhuman keyboard. It's called a USB Rubber Ducky. You should look into it.

You can embed the .exe file within a pdf and on opening it autoruns

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