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All of us want our payloads to be FUD. 99% succeed but not me, I am stuck here everything i try ends with windows threat protection found a virus, i know that you try to viruse your PC on purpse but i don't care so i delete it. So everytime i want to try my payload i have to turn off windows defender.

I read a lot about shellter, but i don't understand can i shellter any exe and shellter injects the payload in it?( i tried and no session opens) this time windows defender doesn't see anything or if i try to shellter an payload created with msfvenom it gets detected at the first update of the CPU.

EDIT: so i figured it out at the very beginning shellter asks you about a stealth mode i chose yes because i thought it is a cool feature, after that i searched and i found that if you want to choose stealth mode then you need to set the payload exit function to 'Thread', and i didn't do that so i hope i could help others in my situation (don't thing anybody is this stupid at me anyway) :))

Please help me

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Just FYI, Msfvenom payloads get detected regardless of using Shellter. Shellter injects a payload into the exe, so in essence, you are creating two payloads in one exe and the msfvenom one gets detected.

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