Forum Thread: Installing Kali Rolling Release Alongside Windows 10 on UEFI Firmware

There are many who wants to dual boot windows and Kali Linux and I was also one of them. I used to search the inter net on how to dual boot windows and Kali on a uefi firmware. I went through lots of tutorials and was finally able to dual boot Kali Linux and windows on my laptop which used uefi firmware.This tutorial is based on the concept that you have windows 10 installed first.

Step 1: Grabbing Necessary Things

First you need to download the latest Kali Linux amd64 ISO from the Kali Linux download page.This iso support UEFI. This is necessary if you are trying to dual boot Kali and Windows in a new laptop. You need to burn the ISO to a USB using win32disk imager tool. I tried to use Rufus to create a uefi bootable usb but it did not work on my laptop.

Step 2: Setting Up

To install Kali you need to free up some space.You have to shrink your hard disk to create enough space that Kali can be installed on.You could do it with the help of disk management tool found in windows.If you need help with this you could read this forum at window.Click here to go to the forum

After you finished finding space for Kali to be installed, insert your installation media and restart your laptop.Go into your boot menu and give first priority to USB media and then save configuration and exit.Your computer will boot into the installation media. You will be presented with Kali Boot menu. It is recommended to have an wired internet connection during the installation if you want to update Kali later

Select graphical installation.After the installer start, click through the first few steps until you reach the partition menu. Select Manual and click continue

You will be presented with following menu

Click the free space. Create a new ext4 partition and a swap partition. Select done setting up partition and click Continue . After the installer finishes everything select Reboot. Remove your USB.

If You Boot Again to Windows...

Some times after doing all the above steps, your Laptop may boot directly to Windows instead of showing Grub menu. In this case you should use this tool rEFInd .You should download usb flash drive image from source forge and burn it to a usb. You could use your Kali installation media for this.Restart your pc and you will be presented with a graphical boot loader from which you could select Kali Linux. This is not a permanent step and you have use this usb to boot into Kali

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I'm trying to install Kali Linux 19 on my Hp folio elitebook in dual boot with windows 10 but always it gives me--gave waiting up on root file system device--dev/sdbX does not exist" I'm just tired up with this thing any soln for this

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