Hello everyone, lately I have been having problems with ice-weasel connecting to the webpages that I would like. Lots of times either it just doesn't work, or it loads really slow, with the end result of 'server not found" I AM connected to the WiFi, and I don't believe my internet speed has anything to do with it. I am also triple booting Ubuntu, Windows 10 and Kali 2.0 on UEFI based hardware. In etc/resolv.conf I have the following:

#nameserver (default gateway)
nameserver (open dns)
nameserver (open dns)

Also, if it helps, in order for me to connect, I had to manually setup my WiFi settings in Kali 2.0. Thanks guys, hope someone can help me! :)

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I run Kali and several other distros in virtual machines. It will act up and give me that error alot if my time settings are not right when coming out of suspend. Double check that your time and date settings are correct and see if that helps.

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