Forum Thread: Mode Monitor Doesn't Work

Hi everyone, im new in hacking and cracking. i have a prbolem when i use aircrack or fluxion. they have same problem. the problem is mode monitor can't scan anything. I mean, there are many wifi but mode monitor can't scan it. I use this to check

$ iw list

Wiphy phy0
Supported interface modes:

  • IBSS
  • managed
  • AP
  • monitor
  • P2P-client
  • P2P-GO
  • P2P-device

My literature said that "monitor" means my card support mode monitor.
So idk how to solve this, am i have to buy external?

1 Response

1) What's the output from #airmon-ng
(Should confirm current mode and chipset used by wlan0)
2) Then try #airmon-ng start wlan0

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